Grant Thornton Belgium is a full-service business adviser with strong expertise in accountancy, audit, tax & legal and advisory. It uses Silverfin to ensure everyone is working consistently and efficiently. The real benefit for their clients is more meaningful and forward-looking advice that can help to unlock their potential for growth.

Speed and accuracy

The firm supports its clients with the insights they need to make important decisions about their businesses. They also realise that today speed and data are key. Valérie Rivière, senior manager of Accountancy & Business Process Solutions explained, “Today, entrepreneurs want to see figures much faster and much more frequently. They want to make decisions much faster, so that we, as trusted advisors, have to pick up on things much faster.”

Grant Thornton see technology as an important part of their development as a trusted advisor and they needed a partner that understood their needs. “The three biggest trends I see in the accounting industry at the moment are speed, digitisation and flexibility. We chose Silverfin as a partner because we see we need to jump on the digital train but not at all costs.” Valérie added.

Digital first

Dirk Beunen, Partner, Accountancy & Business Process Solutions explains the benefits of the digital transformation can be seen across the firm from how they work to the service they provide clients, “If you look at our new offices, you can see that digitisation is there.”

“We now have a standardisation of working documents, since everyone is working on the same template,” said Christophe Peignois, Grant Thornton’s Director of Accountancy &~ Business Process Solutions. “We have of course added some of our own text to give a personal touch.”

These customised templates are automated and branded with the Grant Thornton logo. “It’s very nice to see that clients recognise our reports. They recognise the look of Silverfin/Grant Thornton.”

“Silverfin is self-explanatory. It’s really easy to use. It allows you to quickly receive certain reports and results about the work you delivered. The fact that everything is digital means we can always have personal conversations at any location and we have the necessary tools to have figures on hand.” – Valérie Rivière

Watch the video to learn more about their story and the steps they’ve made with Silverfin’s help to drive forward their digital transformation and use of accounting technology.