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It all started with two founders and a big idea... to create an innovate cloud platform to make accountants more successful.​

These are exciting times for accountants.

Technology has changed bookkeeping forever. While bookkeeping has been transformed, the day-to-day life of the accountant has yet to see the same change. Until now.

Silverfin was founded by an accountant frustrated by how he had to work and a software architect looking for a tough problem the cloud could crack. 

So they turned their thinking to how data, and the cloud, could make life easier for accountants, make their businesses better, and at the same time unlock new opportunities for revenue streams from value-added client advisory services.

We give accountants the technology and tools they need to be more successful. For themselves. For their clients. We improve the efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of compliance and reporting services. We make this work faster, easier and better. Plus we power the development and delivery of new advisory services.

What drives us?

Client advisory

Customer experience

Our focus is on understanding what it takes to put customers in the best position to succeed. To improve the service they deliver to their clients. To help them develop and deliver new services. All utilising our technology. So we work hard to understand our customers’ businesses and work with them to ensure our platform for compliance, management reporting and advisory services delivers.

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Accounting know-how

We know accounting because it’s where we come from. Many of our team have been accountants. We understand the frustration, pains and aspirations. We’re committed to helping you use technology to better your business and unlock new opportunities for growth.


Technology expertise

We match our accounting knowledge with experience creating powerful and innovative cloud software. We’ve built a unique platform specifically to improve the life of the accountant and their clients. Nobody else, just accountants.

User Onboarding


We are the technology partner trusted by many of the world's leading accounting firms. We have a proven track record of implementation and innovation working with firms of all sizes.

We’re proud to be the technology these firms are building their cloud accounting strategy and digital transformation on. These are the connected accountants and they are rewriting the rules of accounting.

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