Deloitte has 10 regional offices in Belgium and serves over 5000 companies. The organisation focuses on providing data-driven advice and is active in many areas: from tax and legal, M&A and finance to technology and strategy.

Working with multiple data sources took its toll on efficiency

We have worked for years with software we developed ourselves to create year closings semi-automatically. At Deloitte, it’s important to work in a uniform way across the regions. At the same time, we want to move away from the use of paper and focus entirely on a digital workflow.

The existing system was really due for replacement a year or two ago. It needed you to correctly input information into various data sources before it was combined with Word and Excel, amongst others. This meant that, although everything was in fact linked, you were obliged to open all those sources in order to be able to work properly. This put a tremendous strain on the system and affected our employees’ efficiency.

“We were working with a system that linked with various data sources. Those sources had to remain open, burdening the system and negatively impacting efficiency.”

Silverfin gives us the ability to develop our own processes

In our search for a new system, it was paramount that we continue to use our own methodology and be able to work with the various accounting systems used by our clients’ accountancy packages and other systems. Silverfin gives us this capability. The flexibility to develop our own processes on the Silverfin platform was the decisive factor for us.

“We looked for a new system that allowed us to continue using our own methodology. The flexibility Silverfin offered us to develop our own processes on the platform was a decisive factor for us.”

We work consistently across every office

Everyone works to the same method since the launch of the platform. Every report that goes out, every budget we set, every internal monitoring of a file is the same for every office. This is only possible thanks to the integration of Silverfin with existing systems and different accountancy packages.

“The main benefit is that everyone works to the same method… Every report that goes out, every budget we set, every internal monitoring of a file is the same for every office.”

Technology as the driving force behind new services

The integrated approach adds value for our clients. Deloitte works proactively; we don’t think it’s enough to speak to our clients in May about things happening in January. Fast closing and real-time advice, that’s what we think is important. Silverfin is a connected platform, from analysis to service provision and communication, and that connected accounting strategy helps us enormously to deliver a focused service.

Opting for new technology is not the most obvious choice for a large, established company. But it suits our strategy to be focused on the future perfectly, and ultimately we opted for what we thought to be the best solution. There hasn’t been a single day we’ve regretted our choice of Silverfin.

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