VGD is an organisation of accountants and tax consultants, and we’re celebrating our 35th year in business. We have a multiple offices throughout Belgium, and employ around 250 employees.

Uniform way of working

Compared to our previous way of working, a key advantage of working with the Silverfin platform is that we now attain uniformity across our offices. In the past we experienced that our communication and reporting wasn’t always uniform, due to our varied client portfolio.

The variety in the way of working led to reports consisting of several different types of documents: one part came from the customer, another from our own accounting software… And as a whole the result was not very uniform.

By digitalising and standardising our processes with Silverfin, we are confident that everyone works with the same system now.

“A tool such as Silverfin, that offers us the right reports and insights is absolutely indispensable in becoming a ‘trusted advisor’ for our clients.”

Increase efficiency

In the past we needed to search for information in files to trace certain facts and data from previous periods. We also noticed that the year-end reports were not standardised. There was a part done in Excel, a part in the accounting package, the annual reports were in Word… and working with this multitude of tools resulted in a system that was prone to errors. When modifying something in one document, you had to think about changing lots of other documents as well. This led to inefficiencies and frustration.

By working with Silverfin’s connected accounting platform we have easy access to facts and data from previous periods, and that saves a lot of time.

Also, our workflows and templates are now standardised. The reporting that follows from this, is uniform for each customer. Of course some customers need a more specific report than others, and the platform also gives us that flexibility whilst ensuring that everything still has the same look and feel.

Digital tool to become a trusted advisor

The third added value really is the reporting. We feel that we, as accountants, will need to distinguish ourselves in the future.

The old-fashioned bookkeeper will not survive, we are becoming consultants. We need to talk more about the financial data, about the evolution of the data, and also more about the future.

And a tool, such as Silverfin, that offers us the right reports and insights is absolutely indispensable in becoming a ‘trusted advisor’ for our clients.