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Insights for advisory

Silverfin gives you the tools to interrogate data at a client or portfolio level and turn this into insights that drive advisory conversations.

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Turn data into advisory conversations

Finding that key insight in a sea of data is time consuming and just too hard. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s easy with Silverfin’s powerful data analytics, alerts and reporting tools.

See and analyze everything

Dig into all your clients’ data to identify trends across your portfolio, benchmark their business performance, and identify insights to share from the data.

Filter data. View data by client, period, book year, staff member or any other key attribute.

Compare clients. Create segments to query data across your client portfolio, using any of the data available.

Spot trends. Powerful charting and reporting tools make spotting and communicating trends in data easy.

Get automated alerts to tell you when to act

Set up system alerts when clients hit key benchmarks, risk factors or compliance requirements. When thresholds are met, your team is automatically alerted so they can take action at the right time to make a difference.

Track key events. Automate monitoring of your client portfolio so nothing important goes unnoticed.

Don’t miss a thing. Automated alerts tell the team when and how to act on key events.

Take action. Armed with the right data and insights teams can open up advisory conversations with clients.
Revenue comparison

Develop new data and digital advisory services

Armed with data and the insights it created you are ready to have more advisory conversations with clients. Even use these insights to create reports and new digital advisory services.

Open-up new revenue. Extend your client relationships from reporting with new advisory-led services.

Deliver digitally. Create automated and digital advisory reports for all your clients so you can deliver at scale.

Deepen relationships. More time with clients delivering powerful advice leads to better, longer relationships.

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