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We work with all types of firms

Many of the world’s leading firms rely on Silverfin as the platform they are building their digital strategy on. No matter what stage you are at we can help. Our customers may differ in size, client services and approach but they share some common characteristics.

Accelerate your digital transformation with our help

If you’re taking the first steps to standardizing compliance processes or you’re a cloud-first practice looking to unlock more value from your data, Silverfin is your partner for growth.



Better business performance

Improving efficiency is hard particularly in mid-size and large firms with legacy technology, data silos and inconsistent ways of working. Our customers rely on Silverfin to transform the way they work. They standardize their best practice processes and then drive time-savings with automation. Now everyone is working the same way and manual or repetitive work is minimized.

Technology to support more innovation

Many customers are looking to use technology to redefine their services. To digitize delivery through automation, online collaboration and data-led advisory. They are ‘digital-first’ firms and use Silverfin as the foundation they build their client services on.

Drive business expansion

We support firms driving their growth through M&A and rapid service expansion. Silverfin’s enterprise-class cloud platform provides the critical foundation for standardization and automation. Ensure one way of working across firms, teams and offices to drive up efficiency, improve productivity and enable rapid growth.

Speak to us today to learn how you can become a connected accountant.

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