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Technology for advisory services

Unlock new revenue from client advisory services using our data, alerts, collaboration, analytics and reporting capabilities.

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Technology for advisory services

Have the time and tools to be a trusted advisor

Automation of your core compliance work gives you back time to dedicate to advisory conversations with your clients. But you still need the data and insights to drive those conversations – that’s where we come in.

Great advisory starts with up-to-date data

With Silverfin all your client data is in one place so you can see trends not just in the performance of a single client but across a whole portfolio or your firm. You’re ready now to uncover insights based on data that will transform a client’s business performance.

Analytics and reporting tools key to uncover insights

All the data in the world without the ability to interrogate it effectively is useless. Silverfin’s powerful analytics and reporting tools make it easy to uncover critical insights and have more meaningful conversations with your clients. 

Alerts make sure your advice is given in time to every client

Automated alerts in Silverfin monitor and notify teams when clients hit key benchmarks, risk factors or compliance events. When a threshold is met your team is automatically alerted so they can take action at the right time to make a difference. No key events or opportunities to share advice or provide new services are missed. 

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